We Win Complicated Cases

When something illegal or tragic happens in a school system, a lot of victims aren’t sure of their rights. What are your rights against a teacher, a bus driver, or a school system that has heavy state protection? What are your rights against the state of Alabama when immunity is involved? These are complex questions for victims to have to deal with, but we’re available to find justice even in difficult cases like these.

We represent a little boy with cerebral palsy who’s been abused by his state-provided special needs aid and special needs teacher. We represented the parents of a third-grade girl who walked with braces who was hit by her school bus driver. That case was especially convoluted because no one wanted to admit fault. The bus driver was an insulin-dependent diabetic who had previously had a heart attack while driving and should never have been issued a license to drive a bus full of children. The driver claimed he couldn’t see out of his mirrors and that he didn’t see the girl. In that case, who’s at fault? The Department of Motor Vehicles, for issuing the license? The mirror manufacturer? The school system? In this case, we proved that the mirrors were completely functional and the driver was at fault. We got, not just a judgment for the parents, but also got an apology for the parents.

We want potential clients to know that you can come to us with a confusing case or a combination of different things. You can come to us even in cases against a school system or a state-protected entity that has immunity. We’ll find the legal reason for your claim, even though it may not be the reason you’d think.