Wrongful Termination

Living in an employment at-will state like Alabama, one might think that they can be fired from their job at any time, for any reason, solely at the discretion of their employers.

While this is true in some cases, it’s not the entire truth. The fact of the matter is simple: while an employer in Alabama can fire you for a bad reason – or even no reason at all – they cannot fire you for an illegal reason.

The Alabama unlawful termination lawyers at Kirby Law understand when an employer can and cannot terminate an employee. For example, you cannot be fired for making a worker’s compensation claim for an injury you suffered on the job, or for receiving worker’s compensation benefits. You cannot be fired for serving on jury duty. You cannot be fired if you are of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or another protected class. You cannot be fired if you must take care of a sick family member, child, or spouse. There are other protections under the law that may apply to you as well.

If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, defend yourself and assert your rights under the law. Contact the unlawful termination lawyers at Kirby Law and let us consult with you and give you honest expectations of what can and should happen with your case.

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