Product Liability Experts

Products are everywhere in our everyday lives. We use a wide range of products on a daily basis, and often don’t think twice about the safety implications that come with their use. Should we put so much trust in the products we use each day? As product liability experts, we don’t think so – and you shouldn’t, either.

Product liability cases arise when the products in our lives turn out to be unsafe for normal use. Whether it’s baby formula with dangerous ingredients, a nail gun that accidentally fires, a vehicle that rolls over easily, industrial equipment that puts operators in grave risk of injury or death, airbags that fail to deploy, artificial hip joints that wear out too quickly, or drugs that have excessive or dangerous side effects, the products we depend on can turn on us without warning.

When that happens, you need the product liability experts at Kirby Law.

We can help prove that a product was dangerously designed, contains a manufacturing flaw, or lacks an effective warning against its inherent hazards or dangers. We can hold product manufacturers, sellers, and places of employment responsible for failing to provide safe products for our personal or professional use, and we can give you guidance on your options and the most likely outcome for your case.

Learn more about our product liability services, and contact us if you have a case and need legal help.

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