The insurance company won’t pay my claim. What’s next?

An insurance company's decision to not pay your claim is called a "denial."  Sometimes insurance adjusters will try to deny your claim on the phone and sometimes they will try to do it with a letter or an e-mail. If your health insurance company, your disability insurer, your homeowner's company, or automobile insurance carrier refuses to pay your claim, you must get their reasons for denying your claim in writing. Generally, once an insurance company has "denied" your claim and stated its reasons in writing in a "denial letter," the company cannot later go back and find new or different reasons for refusing to pay you. So, let's say you make a claim, but the insurance company denies it. Ask for a written denial letter. When you get that letter, contact Kirby Law, P.C., immediately, so that we can help you challenge the insurance company's decision. Alabama law requires insurance companies to deal fairly with you. Believe it or not, Alabama law requires insurance companies to find ways to pay your claim. This requires the insurance company to use diligence in evaluating your claim and to follow its own claims-handling guidelines, checklists, and rules. If you get a denial letter, call Kirby Law, P.C., so we can help you find out if the insurance company played by it own rules.